Mustard Matters CC Patch

$ 5.00

The mustard bottle on the bench of Chambers Custom Pistolsmith Joe Chambers has become literally world renowned. It has come to symbolize the question, does your work "cut the mustard?". We believe the 1911's built at CCP do indeed cut the mustard, and that's why mustard matters.

There are few who know the secret behind the mustard bottle on the bench. For those who do, it has become a symbol of good times, laughter, great guns and friendship. For those who don't it has become a symbol of excellence, as silly as it may seem. Wherever the mustard bottle shows up you can rest assured that quality will follow. After all, to Joe, mustard matters just as much as accuracy, reliability and beauty when it comes to 1911's.

Now you can have the mustard too in our exclusive CC Mustard Matters Patch!

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