Hex Head Bushing Set by Challis Grips

$ 12.99

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Chambers Custom is very proud and excited to be able to carry the Challis Hex Head Bushings. These revolutionary, patent pending, bushings are easy to install and remove with a 7/32" hex driver.

Available in Blued or Stainless Steel. Also available in Blued Slim. Slim bushings are for use with grips not less than 0.180" thick.

Each set includes 4 bushings.

Installation Note: Do not exceed 30 in-lbs of torque when installing in a steel frame. Over torquing may damage the frame. Use extreme caution when installing bushings in an aluminum frame! 30 in-lbs of torque will strip the threads in the frame.

No liability is expressed/implied by Chambers Custom LLC for damage/injury which may result from improper use of this product.

Be absolutely certain that your pistol is unloaded before attempting to use or install this product!



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