Chambers Custom Tapered Sleeve Barrel Cone

$ 24.95

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These are the same cones we use here to make guns without the traditional barrel bushing.  By threading the end of the barrel .575"X40 and installing a properly fitted tapered cone you can achieve tighter lock up, smoother function and longer use with less wear which combine to give greater reliability and better accuracy.

We offer one size of this cone (.710") to use depending on your needs and the I.D. of the slide.  The cones are made from stress proof carbon steel and are centerless ground to provide a finely finished and concentric taper with a precise flat on the front for proper lock up in the slide.

They are a great addition to a build whether it is a carry, range, target, comp or fun gun.


Chambers Custom LLC. recommends that only a properly trained gunsmith use this part. No liability is expressed/implied for damage/injury which may result from improper use of this product.

Be absolutely certain that your pistol is unloaded before attempting to use or install this product.

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