Chambers Custom RDSM Plate for 1911 and 2011

$ 150.00

 All RDSM(TM) come in carbon steel, blued and include the  driftable BUIS, mounting hardware to attach the plate to your properly machined slide as well as two screws and pins to properly mount your red dot to the RDSM(TM) .

The RDSM(TM) is only available through the Chambers Custom Shop and we have a number of Certified Installers you can use to machine your slide for the  RDSM(TM) . After ordering your RDSM(TM) simply let us know which shop you will be sending your slide(s) to for install and your RDSM(TM) will be waiting for your slide to arrive. At this time the RDSM(TM) will only be shipped to our certified installers so that we can control the quality of the installation process.
Current Certified Installers include:
Brandon Buhler - Owner of Buhler Ballistics, LA, and Custom Pistolsmith for CCP
Dave Laubert - Owner of Defensive Creations, OH
AJ Zito - Owner of Practical Performance, AZ
The price break down is as follows:
~ $150.00 plus shipping for the  RDSM(TM), BUIS and mounting hardware
~ $150.00 plus return shipping to machine your slide for your RDSM(TM) by our certified installation professionals. This amount is payable to the installer directly.
~ $25.00 additional for any slide that is DLC, Nitride, or other coated
~ Price does not include any refinishing you may desire after install


Gun and red dot pictured, not included. Cost includes mounting plate only.

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