1911 Barrel Leg Cutters

$ 80.95

We currently have a couple intermediate sizes in stock and ready to ship! If it's listed above, we have it!

Designed with help from our friends Fred Totts, Jerry Keefer and John (our cutter maker), these cutters make fitting the lower legs of a 1911 barrel easier than ever before.  A great deal of thought, experience and experimentation went into making the best cutter we could come up with whether you use them in the traditional manner by hand or in your mill or CNC.

The cutters are made from high micro grain carbide with six cutting flutes and feature a self-aligning taper on the handle side which allows the cutter to be perfectly centered in the slide stop hole on the frame.  The AlTin coating was applied for better wear resistance and each cutter has a fluted pilot shaft for lubrication in the frame pilot.

Our original offering was a two cutter set with a roughing cutter measuring .186" and a finishing cutter measuring .195".  We also now offer an intermediate cutter at .193" which helps prevent the chance of over cutting the legs on guns with looser slide to frame fit.  We have been using the same set of cutters in the shop now for nearly two years and they are as sharp as the day we got them.

Many top name shops around the country, both custom and production custom, are now using them as they save time, provide a smoother cut and better slide stop to leg fit than older or more traditional methods.

Please note our new ordering options:

2 Cutter Set: Includes a .186” and .193” cutter and a precision made pilot that fits tightly in a frame with a .200 slide stop hole.

3 Cutter Set: Includes a .186”, .193” and .195” cutter and a precision made pilot that fits tightly in a frame with a .200 slide stop hole.

Special order and single size cutters: Along with 2 or 3 cutter sets, you may now special order any size between .191” and .198” in .001” increments.

Special Order or Single Cutters do NOT include a precision made pilot. Pilots are available for additional cost at time of order if desired. Please use the "Special Order Cutter" Option above with the quantity you need and send an email to Heidi at heidi.chamberscustom@gmail.com or add a note to your order with your special order size(s).

All cutters come within +/-.0005 tolerance and is marked as such.

Chambers Custom LLC. recommends that only a properly trained gunsmith use these cutters. No liability is expressed/implied for damage/injury which may result from improper use of this product.

Be absolutely certain that your pistol is unloaded before attempting to use this product.

For more information, please email Heidi at heidi.chamberscustom@gmail.com.

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