Chambers Custom 1911 Grip Safety

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After years of desire and months of R&D the new CCP Grip Safety has finally arrived! We designed this special part with both the shooter and pistol smith in mind.

First, we are proud to offer these safeties in three billet metal options. For the blued gun we have 4140 carbon steel that polishes and blues beautifully. For the stainless gun we offer 303 stainless steel that looks great polished or blasted and resists corrosion better than the 400 series offerings.

For the shooter, the grip safety features a high grip with a lower, rounded, thicker memory pad. This allows the hand to be placed higher up in the gun for greater comfort and control. It also keeps the gun in the hand better during stiff recoil. And if the thicker memory pad isn’t for you, all you have to do is have your smith shape a bit off to your desires. But we've found most shooters like them just the way they are.

For the pistol smith, this safety has a precise .250” radius. If your frame is cut true, it will fit smoother and tighter than any other safety on the market. Not only that, but because of the correct radius all the way around, we have eliminated the unsightly gap that forms on the bottom radius of most frames with other grip safeties on the market.

Also for the smith we have made the tangs of the beavertail wider than all available frames on the market! This means no more blending the frame to the safety and ruining the flatness of your frame. Now you simply machine or file the tangs of the safety to fit the frame for a perfect fit. We also made the inside web where the safety goes into the frame tighter to prevent side to side shift.

And finally, we have made these grip safeties .020” longer for those of us who like to “fill the gap” between the mainspring housing and the grip safety. This allows for precise fitting between the two parts as well as the frame.

While we are constantly striving to improve the quality and specs of our parts, we believe this one may be as close as it gets to perfect for your next build. We know it will be on ours!

If you are an FFL holder interesting in dealer pricing please contact for more information.

Chambers Custom LLC. recommends that only a properly trained gunsmith use this part. No liability is expressed/implied for damage/injury which may result from improper use of this product.

Be absolutely certain that your pistol is unloaded before attempting to use or install this product.

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